How Well Do You Know Your Dog? This DNA Test Can Tell You

3 DNA Kits that Go Beyond Just Your Ancestry

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Who would have thought that DNA testing would be as easy and effortless as picking up a kit at your local pharmacy and mailing in a sample to a lab? DNA testing is the new normal these days, but that doesn’t mean that they all work the same.

If you want to try out something that would tell you more than just your lineage, check out these kits that are on sale.

Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics

Your gut influences your entire well-being more than you think, and this test gives you a better understanding how yours is doing. It evaluates your gut health and yields personalized food and probiotic recommendations, promoting improved energy levels, digestive health, mental health, immune health, and weight loss. Pick up a test on sale for $89.


Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics – $89

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DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

What makes your furry pal tick? How much do you really know them? With this test, you’ll get to understand your furry pal on a whole other level, as it delivers a detailed report that reveals your dog’s unique characteristics including personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, and more. You’ll even learn their predisposition to certain diseases, allowing you to take care of them better. Usually $79, you can grab the test on sale for $59.


DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – $59

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MiaDNA Diet & Nutrition Kit

Maybe the reason why your diet isn’t all that effective is because it’s not in tune with your genetic background. This test will tell you how your DNA impacts your fitness, so you can better determine which fitness plan works best for you. You’ll get the genetic insight you need to figure out which exercises and sports to pursue, what diet to follow, and so much more. It usually goes for $149, but you can grab it on sale for $119.

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