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The amount of time that we have seen Woken Matt Hardy on WWE Raw is only a small fraction of his thousands of years old history. And thus, with a great amount of time, moments of Woken Brilliance are inevitable.

The universe of this Woken Warrior is such a surrealist-expressionist dreamscape that even the most Wonderful moments get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, not all of them have been lost to the annals of history.

Let’s take a stroll through deep space and time to uncover the somewhat more obscure Woken moments. Follow us on our journey, or fade away and classify yourself as Obsolete!


Jeff Hardy was once Woken

Both Hardys being Woken at the same time makes for one of the most relentless tag teams in the division. Woken Matt Hardy had to destroy his brother Jeff at one point. Believe it or not, it was for the better.

Now denominated as Brother Nero, Jeff Hardy and his brother brought the Woken Hardys into the stratosphere of in-ring success.


He has been Unwoken three times in the vessel known as Matt Hardy

With the birth of Matthew Moore Hardy in 1974, his Woken Brilliance laid dormant until his first awakening in 2016. In the meantime, he became a heroic, high flying wrestler. Sometimes he would call himself “Surge”.

Through years of indulging in spot monkey addictions, something was awakening inside Matt Hardy. For years, his Woken side was hidden, but not obsolete.

Through all the calamity that the Woken Warrior conjured, it earned him much success in the ring. Woken Matt seemed unstoppable until the masked and suited Death Crew Council showed up.

In the midst of a backstage brawl, one of the anonymous members of the DCC pushed Matt off of a forklift, inducing a state of amnesia. Don’t worry, he wasn’t gone. Matt eventually called upon the seven deities to strike him with lightning, awakening him once again.

For the third and final time that Matt lost his brilliance, The Hardy Boyz were rivals of a team who leads the new generation of risk-takers, The Young Bucks. In a ladder match for the ROH Tag Team Championship, one of The Young Bucks landed superkick to Woken Matt.

They literally kicked the Woken out of Matt Hardy!

Unlike other times, he only became halfway dormant. This is why Matt Hardy was acting only slightly strange after Wrestlemania 33. We saw glimpses of the odd accent and insatiable urge to Delete, until the floodgates opened in a match against Bray Wyatt.


Teamed up with The Hurricane

The Hurricane is the superhero alter ego of the mild-mannered Shane Helms. Many wrestling fans in the 20 – 30 age range may remember him for his Green Lantern inspired character and feud with The Rock.

What makes this bit so great is all the callbacks and in-jokes that the more hardcore wrestling fans will chuckle at. Before The Hurricane even appears, Woken Matt drenches Shane in water from the Lake of Reincarnation, transforming him into the boyband heartthrob “Sugar” Shane Helms.

The Helms Dynasty, Trevor Lee and “The Big Dog” Andrew Everett, were dancing like Alex Wright, a German wrestler that Helms once rivalled. Woken Matt Hardy helped The Hurricane put away the Dynasty by burying the new stars, just like Triple H.


The Woken Hardys vs. The Express That Rocks and Rolls

The Woken Hardy saga is full of numerous callbacks to tag team wrestling’s past, typically by way of the Lake of Reincarnation. This time, the Hardys were destined to face legendary tag team high-flyers in the flesh.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express dominated the territory wrestling scene in the 80s and made a mark in WWE in the early 90s. 2 different generations collide, with the Woken Hardys overcoming by way of home turf advantage and craftiness.


The Expedition Of Gold

At this point, Woken Matt and Brother Nero succeeded so astronomically through the ranks of Impact Wrestling’s tag team division. They have been impressively dominant champions who have beaten everyone at the top.

So, the logical next step is winning the tag team titles from every wrestling promotion in the universe. Luckily, Woken Matt has an upgrade for his beloved drone Vanguard 1. The flying robot’s new feature is a state-of-the-art teleportation mechanism, able to take the Woken Hardys anywhere in the universe.

Some say that this hunt continues to this day, with Woken Matt Hardy winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships twice since his return.


Woken Matt Hardy is one half of the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions with Bray Wyatt, as The Deleters of Worlds. Watch them Delete their way through the tag team division on RAW every Tuesday.

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