A Gareth Southgate lookalike causes a stir in Russia

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Neil Rowe with a group of admirers in Samara, Russia.

Image Credits: @YesWeCrann / Twitter

Following his side’s stellar performances in Russia, Gareth Southgate has become the toast of England and the man the nation’s hopes are pinned on.

With success, one will find himself idolised by many – to the point of being imitated in some cases – and, knowing England fans, anything goes.

In this year’s edition of the World Cup, a greying middle-aged man of slim build in a waistcoat and a tie has become a common sighting at the stands during England games. And no, it’s not the current Three Lions manager being sent off, but a lookalike doing his bit of egging on amongst the crowd.

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Who is the Gareth Southgate lookalike?

According to the Daily Mail, the man who has taken the term “full kit w*nker” to the extreme is a British Airways pilot from Surrey by the name of Neil Rowe.

As expected, his uncanny resemblance to the England manager has seen him fielding requests for autographs from his fellow Three Lions fans.

Rowe rose to “fame” when he was spotted in Samara during England’s historic win over Sweden in the third World Cup quarterfinal.

In less than a week, he has become an overnight sensation and has quite the following on social media.

The actual Gareth Southgate’s charges are currently locked in battle with Croatia in the second semi-final in Moscow, where the winner will meet France in the final on Sunday.

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