Audrey Roloff: God Has Taught Me THESE Life Lessons…

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Audrey Roloff is a woman of very strong conviction.

She’s been very open about her faith and her devotion from family from the moment she came into our lives as a cast member on Little People, Big World.

She and husband Jeremy are no longer cast members on this TLC series, having announced their departure in July.

That said… Audrey is still around, still sharing posts on Instagram and still espousing her religion.

Below, for example, Roloff delves into her belief in God and into how this Higher Power has taught her a number of life lessons.

Audrey’s Opening Statement

Audrey's Opening Statement

“Your life has PURPOSE. Whether you can clearly define that purpose or not, God wants to purpose MORE out of your life RIGHT NOW,” Roloff wrote to open this lengthy message. “Not once you graduate, not once you’re married, not once you’re a mom, not once you get this job or move to that city. No.”

What Does God Want?

What Does God Want?

“He wants to purpose more out of your seemingly futile daily tasks, your to-do-lists, your surface level conversations, and your day-to-day. He created you for so much MORE than just living through moments.”

What Else, Audrey?

What Else, Audrey?

“He wants to fulfill His purposes through every part of your life – the big moments and the small moments, the celebratory moments and the heartbreaking moments.”

How Can One Figure All This Out?

How Can One Figure All This Out?

Writes Audrey, acknowledging this major challege: “But discovering God’s purpose for your life can seem daunting… maybe you don’t know for certain what God has purposed you to do, or who He is purposing you to be.”

It Can Be So Hard to Figure It All Out

It Can Be So Hard to Figure It All Out

And there can be so many reasons to be confused, as Audrey also acknowledges: “Maybe you’re trying to figure it out, but you’re just not sure yet. Maybe you thought you knew, but then some life circumstance changed your course.”

Also, Along These Lines…

Also, Along These Lines...

“Or maybe you have been so focused and determined in what you thought was your purpose, but now you feel like giving up because it’s still not bearing any fruit. Girl, I get you.”

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