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John Delaney will personally donate $2 dollars to non-profits and charities for each new donor that contributes to his campaign as part of the Delaney Debate Challenge, a new online program launched today. Through pages linked on Delaney’s website and social media channels, new donors will be able to select one of eleven charities that John will donate to in the person’s name.

This initiative is in response to the DNC’s requirement that candidates have at least 65,000 donors. The Delaney Debate Challenge will apply to the next 100,000 new donors.

“This campaign isn’t about me, it’s about bringing people together and serving the common good. The Delaney Debate Challenge is a way for us to highlight the incredible work done by charities and non-profits around the country as part of our larger effort to reach the 65,000 donor threshold being used for the debates,” said Delaney.

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