Brandon Jacobs Says Giants Shouldn’t Bench Eli Manning, He’s Still ‘Great’

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Brandon Jacobs

Giants Shouldn’t Bench Eli Manning

… He’s Still ‘Great’

10/12/2018 3:33 PM PDT


The Giants SHOULDN’T bench Eli Manning — they should block for his ass — ’cause he’s still a great QB … so says the guy who won 2 Super Bowls with the embattled star.

TMZ Sports talked to Brandon Jacobs — Eli’s NYG teammate from 2005-2011 — about the 1-5 Giants’ crappy offense … and whether it’s time to put Manning on the pine.

“I still think right now, I think Eli is great.”

B.J. says Eli’s gotta be used right, ’cause he ain’t the guy to operate a run-and-gun style offense.

“Eli’s a pocket passer. He’s a pocket passer. He’ll sit there and get balls off and put balls in small areas. I’ve seen him do that.”

It’s true … Jacobs was on the field for a bunch of huge moments — including David Tyree‘s “Helmet Catch.”

But, if Manning’s still got it … why do the Giants have the worst record in football?

Most of that blame falls on the NYG struggling O-line.

“I wouldn’t trust the guys in front of me if I was him,” Jacobs says … “Ya ask me, the poor guy’s shell-shocked.”

Block for the man.

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