Brexit news: Gina Miller fears MEPs will 'dismantle EU' – makes 5-year prediction | UK | News

Brexit news: Gina Miller fears MEPs will ‘dismantle EU’ – makes 5-year prediction | UK | News

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The European elections take place in the UK on May 23, and Gina Miller has warned the are expecting nearly 200 “fairly hard-right MEPs” to return to the European Parliament. Mrs Miller was asked about the future of the Brussels bloc when she claimed MEPs returning to the European Union could try to “dismantle” the EU from within. The campaigner, who won a High Court case against the Government over the involvement of Parliament in Britain’s departure from the bloc, added has been a “heart attack for the EU”.

She told Bloomberg: “I think the next five years are going to be very interesting when it comes to the results from these elections that we are going to have next week, the EU elections.

“If there is a block of MEPs who return to sit in the European Parliament who basically are against the EU.

“They will be sitting and trying to dismantle it from within.

“The first thing they are going to try to do is to block the budget, they will try and block climate change legislation. They will try to block any sort of legislation around rights. They are basically going to try to dismantle it.”

She added: “From the last guesstimate, of having a conversation, I am told they are expecting as many as 190 what we would call fairly hard-right MEPs sitting in that European Parliament trying to destroy it from within.

“But, then you have got the problem that Brexit has actually been a heart attack for the EU. It is actually causing a divide between the French-German axis.

“Add to that, Trump’s, as you say, wanting to dismantle the EU. But also you have got the problem of China coming in. Wanting to dismantle and buy up debt and business in Europe.

“Europe is being attacked from several different angles and this will mean in the next five years we could see either a dismantling of existing EU – what I call two-tier membership organisation, where you have the bigger countries in a bloc, and then tiered membership.

“Or, you could see a complete realignment of the financial contributions from different member states.”

It comes with the latest YouGov survey of voter intentions for the European elections placing the Tories in fifth place behind Mr Farage’s eurosceptic Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

The Brexit Party received over a third of all votes, polling at 34 percent, Labour has 16 percent, Lib Dem’s 15 percent, Green Party 11 percent and Conservatives on just 10 percent.

The YouGov survey took place between May 8 and May 9 and quizzed 2,212 adults in the UK on their voting intentions in the European elections.

Before it was announced the UK would be forced to take part in the European elections, as Mrs May secured a delay to the Brexit process, some MPs called for the UK to be “difficult” if elected to the bloc.

Leading Brexit supporter and Conservative MP for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg wrote on Twitter: “If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible.

“We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU army and block Mr Macron’s integrationist schemes.”

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