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The leading Brexiteer was interviewed by Emily Maitlis and discussed Boris Johnson’s address to a fringe event at the party’s annual conference and also gave insight on whether he would like to see a change in Prime Minister.

Mr Rees-Mogg stated he agrees with what Mr Johnson said during his speech when he attacked Mrs May’s Brexit negotiation plan, demanding she “chuck Chequers”.

The powerful backbencher said: “He’s using the power of his personality to promote a proper Brexit. A clean Brexit.

“And that is the right thing for him to be doing.”

When asked what he thought about the number of people that showed up to listen to the former Foreign Secretary, the European Research Group leader expressed pleasure.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “It showed where the bulk of the Conservative Party is.

“The bulk of the Conservative Party wants a clean Brexit and it is very important that the Prime Minister knows what the mood of the country, Conservative Party and, indeed, MPs is.

“Sometimes Prime Ministers can be very protected and cut-off from what public opinion is saying and that may be part of the problem with Chequers because the Chequers proposal is not Brexit.”

The MP later added: “Chequers is a really rotten proposal and Boris Johnson is saying that and he is quite right to say that.”

When he was asked if he supported Mr Johnson as Prime Minister, Mr Rees-Mogg insisted: “There is one Prime Minister and I’m supporting Theresa May as Prime Minister, but I’m not supporting Chequers.

“Chequers will let Jeremy Corbyn in.”

Finally, when it was put to him that bringing down Chequers would bring down the Government, Mr Rees-Mogg refuted the claims.

He said: “No it couldn’t. This policy has come from a policy that had widespread support.

“That, then, turned into Chequers which is not properly leaving the European Union.”

Mr Rees-Mogg concluded the interview by saying: “I am going to vote against Chequers if Chequers is presented to Parliament because it is not Brexit.

“It is not delivering on the referendum result and it is not delivering on the Conservative Party manifesto.

“I think that all MPs, all politicians, have to maintain faith with the electorate and Chequers, to my mind, does not do that.”

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