Chanda exposes ongoing bribes at PF dialogue  forum

Chanda exposes ongoing bribes at PF dialogue forum

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United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President Charles Chanda has disclosed that he was paid K9,000 for the six days he attended the National Dialogue Forum by ZCID.

” Am very disappointed and disturbed with the response that Honourable Lubinda gave to the press that it was folly for me to insinuate that l was paid at NDF” Chanda said.

The issue is straight forward l was paid K9,000 by the ZCID.”

And the UPPZ President has questioned where ZCID got the money to pay representatives on the list if not the government.

“Where did the ZCID get the money to pay people on the list…..government paid us because it sponsored ZCID to attend the forum,” Chanda said.


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