Dear DP Ruto, even a fool knows Hon Aisha Jumwa expulsion is per the Law, give Raila a break. Nkt

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By Onyango Ochieng’ jnr

Dear William Samoei Ruto, the decision to expel Aisha Jumwa is grounded in the law through Political Parties Act.

Ruto can go on a verbal hysteria and foam on the mouth with epilepsy of lies, fallacious winding arguments and backstreet gossip as much as he want, but his croaking doesnt help Jumwa. It was wise if he led his brigade in parliament to amend that clause on party discipline. But going round attacking Raila Odinga neither helps Ruto nor Jumwa.

Again, ODM is just one of the over 66 parties in Kenya. Political rights and civil liberties are sacrosanct. Hon Jumwa can join her party of choice, she can even contest as an independent. We must have discipline in our parties.

There is a whole difference between anarchy/impunity and democracy. Even rights come with responsibility. That’s why even in Ruto’s house, he has raised disciplined children and not ill-mannered uncouth militants. Discipline Ruto, discipline is what made parties in civilized democracies what they are….Thank me later when you welcome Keter and Kuttuny back to your party URP

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