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THE Drug Enforcement Commission says abuse of drugs by youths in the country will only be curbed if parents enhance communication with their children.

DEC’s Copperbelt commander Beatrice Mpenga said teachers and parents should start sharing knowledge about the dangers of drug abuse and their effects.

“DEC is urging parents and teachers in schools across the country to improve on their communication with children and pupils, especially at this stage where the country has not been spared from the act of abusing drugs by youths in the country,” Mpenga said.

She said children and youths were often exposed to drugs due to peer pressure, making it a necessity for parents to interact more with their children.

Mpenga said there was need for improved dissemination and collection of information from young children so as to preserve them for the future.

She said DEC had the responsibility to educate the public about the dangers of using illicit drugs and the disadvantages of one being involved in money laundering.

“People should be able to share information about the effects of drug abuse and money laundering. Therefore, it is the duty of the commission to educate you the public on the dangers and effects of drugs abuse and dangers of dealing with money laundering,” Mpenga said.

She said the commission had set up frameworks and strategic plans for the year 2018 to 2021 so as to identify drug traffickers.

Mpenga said the commission was keen to improve its service delivery and satisfy its clients.

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