Dollar General Cashier Calls Police On Black Woman Using Coupons

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(Photo credit: screenshot from video)

Dollar General is investigating after a cashier called the police on a black woman using store coupons, accusing her of “trying to take advantage of the system.”

Madonna Wilburn of Buffalo, New York was trying to purchase $30 worth of items with digital coupons when the cashier, manager Ken Dudek, got annoyed. Wilburn recorded the exchange and posted the video to Facebook where it went viral.

See the video below:

In the video the man can be heard saying she was, “just trying to take advantage of the system, is what you’re doing, and I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to.” 

Wilburn then asks, “but you just said you don’t like people like me?”

The man denies her statement and says, “I’m trying to do the best I can, you already got $15 off of these products and you’re trying to play games. We’re done — I’m giving you my boss’s number. She can fix it from here, OK? I’m really done with you. I’m tired of the attitude and tired of the nonsense.”

When the man realizes he’s being recorded, he says, “well you don’t have my permission to record me. You can’t record me,” he then calls someone and says, “I have a customer who is being difficult and taping us without permission, and I’d like you to dispatch the police if possible.”

Ms. Wilburn waited for police to arrive and when the officer got there he suggested she call the company’s corporate offices. He also gave her permission to leave, declaring the incident a non-issue.

Wilburn shared a screenshot of a message, allegedly from Dudek, asking her to remove her viral Facebook post, with Yahoo Lifestyle.




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