Dzuka Malawi: Any reason Mtambo, Trapence can’t wait for courts? - Malawi Nyasa Times

Dzuka Malawi: Any reason Mtambo, Trapence can’t wait for courts? – Malawi Nyasa Times

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For many small scale business persons, the absence of demonstrations is a breather. To hear Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence, Solomon Phiri and Luke Tembo announce another set, many things come to mind. The first question is why would serious Civil Society call for demonstrations when the case and evidence of the alleged irregularities is in court.

After the pathetic performance by their star boy Saulosi Chilima, CSO’s need to tread carefully, it is now looking like they want someone other than the DPP to have won elections. Otherwise Jane Ansah days can be measured after the court case, after the ruling not from hearsay and emotions.

Evidence so far tested in court shows less than half a percent irregularaties affected the polls according to one contestant UTM. The amount of burning, business loss and shut down caused by CSOs is in billions. Perhaps I would not support a collateral, that should the court find nothing wrong with elections, these people calling for demonstrations will pay Malawians for creating fake problems.

This is not political, but CSOs can and should respect the rule of law. One of it is independent arbitration of the elections case currently under way in Lilongwe. There is no other better option. After all Justice Ansah clearly stated that after the case, she will go if the court finds her wrong.

Unless Trapence and Mtambo have evidence to the contrary, Malawians cant continue to dance to their tune, when  the elections case has specific dates and process when we expect judgement. They are supposed to respect court, respect Malawians and be seen not to have partisan interests.

Of course they have enjoyed the destruction, their half measured denunciation of violence and ping pong play with Police on who is to blame. The forget rights have responsibilities and duties.

The elections case will go, it will end no matter how long it might be. Whether short or long, some of us would want to have a commission of inquiry as to who really funded, created violence and caused chaos in Malawi. This inquiry will not be whether Peter Mutharika remains a president or not, it will anyone who is the President after the elections case.

Malawians need to know if they were being used to pursue a certain agenda, and someone will have to pay for the cost. I am sure Mtambo and Trapence will welcome such an inquiry, wide reaching and willingly pay back Malawians should evidence emerge that they threw away any reasoning to wait for the court to pronounce the matter.

If they have evidence of Ansah failing to manage elections, let them give to court which will affirm or reject the evidence independently. Even their donors must be wondering what is in a hurry to get rid of Ansah when the courts can do it without further damage to public property.

One day, the truth will come out Messers Mtambo and Trapence, thank you for teaching Malawians to demand accountability. Malawi will prevail. Dzuka Malawi


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