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Five weeks to go in the campaign. I am running this election campaign to form a Liberal National majority government. I will tell you why: because that is how we will continue to be able to get things done in this country.

When we were seeking to reduce the tax burden of small and family businesses … the Labor party fought against us and they used their numbers in the Senate to work against us, easing the burden on Australians all around the country, particularly small and family business owners.

One thing I know about the Labor party and the Greens is they have been getting cosy over the last couple of weeks. It is because of this: if the Labor party is elected, and they want to impose that $387bn of higher taxes on the Australian economy, holding us all back, weighing us all down, you know who they will be relying on to make sure that gets through the Senate? The Greens.

Labor and the Greens are as thick as. That is why they will preference them higher than the Liberal party, despite the fact that they are completely opposed to national security legislation to keep Australians safe, despite the fact that the Greens are for death taxes, a savage tax coming from the Greens that the Labor party clearly think is a better view for Australia than our lower-tax policies.

Labor and the Greens is one option, Liberals and the Nationals on the other. Backing in instinctively small and family businesses, keeping the tax burden down. Families at this wonderful small business, businesses who have been running for generations now can continue just to get on with their lives and achieve the things they want to achieve.

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