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Well, what we’re confident of is that we have put forward a coherent vision for the nation. A coherent vision that’s about closing tax loopholes that are the source of a reduction in revenue from just a few, they be individuals or big multinationals, and using that new to fund better schools, better hospitals, better public infrastructure.

That we have a united team and on the other side we’ve seen today an explosion about Tony Abbott’s forces, blaming sabotage for people handing out how to votes for Jim Molan below the line, and confusing voters.

And then Barnaby Joyce of all people, of all people, saying there will be absolute chaos and calling for the National party to hand out how-to-votes that are also contrary to the agreed ticket and encouraging people to vote below the line.

So if this is the state of the Coalition, just a few days out from polling day, I mean, goodness knows what they’ll be like if somehow they limp across the line, in partnership with Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson.

All we know is that as bad as the last six years have been, the next six weeks, if they go across the line, will be really something else, because they just hate each other frankly. And they’re quite clearly not capable of governing in any coherent way.

And the reason why Scott Morrison has to re-announce the same policy day after day that he announced on Sunday, that we matched, is because they really haven’t got much else to offer about the future.

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