Formidable Farage and Boris against who?' Neil mocks Blair for 'leaderless' Remainers | UK | News

Formidable Farage and Boris against who?’ Neil mocks Blair for ‘leaderless’ Remainers | UK | News

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Journalist Andrew Neil mocked former Prime Minister, Tony Blairon his BBC show over the leaderless Remain campaign. The two were discussing the likelihood and logistics of a second referendum playing out. When questioned over which politician would lead a second Remain campaign, the former Labour leader failed to suggest one.

Mr Neil pointed out that if there was a general election, “Mr Farage’s Brexit Party and Mr Johnson’s Tory party would fight separately”.

However, in a second referendum situation, they would “be on the same side”.

The BBC presenter said: “The two most formidable, high profile names in British politics will be on the same side arguing pretty much for no deal.

“Who will lead the Remain campaign?”

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Mr Blair answered: “I don’t know, that’s going to have to be decided.”

Mr Neil said: “You would have no one to match either of them would you?”

The former Labour MP said: “Well I don’t know, we’ll have to see.

“I’m not going to start chucking out names now.”

Mr Blair said: “Who leads a referendum campaign? There are prominent people on all the political parties who are opposed to a no deal Brexit.

“I think that leadership will emerge and it may be that it is a more collective leadership, and perhaps it should be.

“I don’t think there’s any harm in that.”

When asked how confident he was of Remain winning a second referendum, the ex-Prime Minister said: “I believe we’d win, but I agree it’s a very open question.

“It is a big gamble but Brexit’s a big gamble.”

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