I Am Just A Sacrificial Lamb But Thank God The Donors Know Who The Real Thief Is

I Am Just A Sacrificial Lamb But Thank God The Donors Know Who The Real Thief Is

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Former Community Development Minister Emerine Kabanshi has stated that it is not true that she is being persecuted for being corrupt but that because of her reports to the donors on how funds were being stolen under the watch of President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri who is friend to Kabanshi has also waged war against some Ministers enjoying seeing her friend (Kabanshi) being smeared in corruption allegations.

Mumbi is bitter and will now expose all the PF Ministers and MPs working to remove Lungu from the PF presidency.

And Kabanshi says the only crime she committed for her to be called corrupt and face arrests was because she drafted a true report on how donor funding such as social cash transfer was being stolen with the express support of President Edgar Lungu.

“I am a sacrificial lamb mwebantu, when donors asked for reports on how social cash transfer was being spent, I submitted a true report which had mentions of the President’s hand and this report was brought to me by ba McPherson Chanda, elder brother to Sunday Chanda and at first he wanted me to be implicated but bushe ine ndemonekapo nga kabwalala wa mpiya shaba kote? Bane Lesa alafibika pa lwelele fyonse and I am not worried but chili kuli uyo uwayiba, ” said Kabanshi to her family friends who visited her last night as Koswe listened in.

And the former Minister says the social cash transfer funds meant for the poor will also implicate the President and several other senior government officials adding that she cannot wait to see her day in court.

Lungu’s government stole social cash transfer funds made available by donors for the old and poor deposited at the ZamPost, an organization that was being led by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda’s brother McPherson Chanda at the time of the theft.

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