Jeremy Corbyn says terrorists should only be released if they no longer pose a threat

Jeremy Corbyn says terrorists should only be released if they no longer pose a threat

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Jeremy Corbyn has said convicted terrorists should only be released if they’ve been rehabilitated and remain under strict supervision.

Speaking after the tragic terror attack at London Bridge on Friday, Corbyn said terrorists should only be released when they’ve completed a “significant proportion” of their jail sentences and no longer present a threat to the public.

Asked whether released terror convicts should be reassessed after he launched a rail fair policy at London’s Finsbury Park station, the Labour leader said it is “quite right to look at every case” but stressed broader questions should also be asked about the release system.

Mr Corbyn said: “I think terrorists should be sentenced, as they are, and they should be released as and when they have completed a significant proportion of their sentence and they’ve undergone rehabilitation and they are considered safe to the public as a whole.

Jeremy Corbyn has said terrorists should only be released if they no longer pose a threat

“I do think that continuing with the process allows people to be released ahead of final complete of their sentence if they’ve been rehabilitated and they have been suitably assessed and they are very strictly monitored when they come out – I think that must be the correct way of doing things.

“There are enormous questions to be learned from this terrible event that happened last week and that is, what happened in the prison with this particular individual, what assessment was made of his psychological condition before he was released and also what supervision and monitoring he was under after coming out?”

Speaking yesterday the Labour leader said convicted terrorists should “not necessarily” serve a full jail term.

Mr Corbyn told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge: “I think it depends on the circumstances, it depends on the sentence but crucially depends on what they’ve done in prison.”

London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan

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Corbyn also backed armed police who used lethal force to shoot Khan dead on London Bridge on Friday,  saying they “had no choice”.

It comes as Boris Johnsonwas accused of making “political capital” from the attack  with his rapid plan for longer sentences.

The Prime Minister was accused of “misleading” the public by blaming  Labour  and making “knee-jerk” changes as he was grilled repeatedly on the Tories’ failure after 10 years in government – but refused to apologise.

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