Kat Von D Has Three New Eyeliners For Every Purpose

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In spite of the controversy surrounding Kat Von D’s decision to not vaccinate her child, the beauty mogul continues to drop new products for her dedicated fans. Latest on the docket are three new eyeliners that’ll be rolling out over the next three months.

Luckily the first wait, isn’t exactly a wait at all since the Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner ($20) is available starting today on the brand’s website and Sephora. Noted as the first ever waterline liquid eyeliner, it has a hybrid fluid-gel formula that you dip the big applicator into and then dab across your waterline. Although the proposition of applying liquid to your waterline sounds messy, we can’t wait to try this.

katvond Kat Von D is Dropping 3 New Eyeliners and the First One is a Game Changer

Photo: Courtesy of Kat Von D

After today, you’ll want to keep the 20th of August and July marked for the other two products: Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner ($20) and Kat Von D Beauty Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner ($20). The former, which comes out in August, has a thick brush and dark pigment, so you can finally master your cat eye. The latter, which ultimately comes out in September, is a thin, precise liner that comes in a myriad of colors perfect for any occasion.

If you can’t wait that long for color, though, the brand also just dropped Metal Crush Extreme Highlighters in both liquid ($25) and powder forms ($30). The liquid formula has four shades that you squeeze out of a tube onto a plush applicator while the powder has five shades in a classic compact. Whether liquid or powder, they’re all extra glittery so you’ll be sure to have a serious glow.

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