Labour manifesto policies in full: All confirmed general election pledges so far

Labour manifesto policies in full: All confirmed general election pledges so far

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Labour has agreed its “transformative” manifesto to take into the 2019 general election .

And by all accounts, it’s even more radical than in 2017.

The document is expected to promise nationalised mail, rail, water, energy and broadband, free NHS prescriptions and six years’ free adult education in England.

It’s expected to pledge a £10 minimum wage for all over-16s, an ambition to reach a 32-hour working week over a decade and the end of Universal Credit .

But the full document will only be published at the launch on Thursday.

So for now we have listed the confirmed policies announced so far during the campaign – plus ones that Labour pushed out so recently, they’re very likely to be in the document.


NHS and health

Education and childcare

  • Six years’ free adult education for all
  • Scrapping tuition fees for university students
  • 30 hours’ free childcare a week for all kids aged 2 to 4 – not just those with working parents
  • 1,000 Sure Start centres to open after 1,000 were shut under Tory cuts 


Brexit and migration

  • Likely: A commitment to a second referendum on Brexit. Labour would try to negotiate its own deal first, then hold a special conference to decide which way to campaign

  • Unknown: Labour’s wider policy on free movement after Brexit

Economy and public services

  • A £400bn Transformation Fund (£150bn over five years plus £250bn over 10) funded by a huge increase in borrowing to reverse effects of Tory austerity
  • Free broadband for all under a nationalised scheme
  • A £10 minimum wage for all over 16
  • Likely: Nationalised rail, mail, water and energy
  • Likely: An aim to get a 32-hour working week over a decade
  • Likely: A guarantee on public sector pay rises


  • Likely: Nationalised rail services
  • Likely: Action to help bus services


Environment and animal rights

  • Likely: A Green New Deal pledging to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • A review of whipping racehorses
  • Phasing out animal testing, tackling illegal hare-coarsing and making new laws to protect wild animals

Women and equalities

  • A pledge to close the gender pay gap by 2030
  • Extending statutory maternity pay from 9 to 12 months  


  • Warm homes for all – Labour will create 450,000 jobs by installing energy saving measures such as loft insulation and double glazing, renewable and low carbon technologies in almost all of the UK’s 27 million homes

  • All new homes to be zero carbon by 2022


  • Solar panels to be installed on 2,000 community buildings

Armed Forces

  • Free education, training and more apprenticeships for veterans
  • £50,000 lump sum for nuclear test veterans from the 1950s who received unsafe levels of radiation
  • Payouts for African and Asian members of the East Africa Force from the Second World War who got lower demob cash than white soldiers of equal rank
  • Reserved homes for the 1,780 veterans sleeping rough

  • Improved pay and conditions for serving members of the armed forces

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