Lungu Addresses Desks And Benches As Zambians In New York Boycotts His Meeting

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In a show of protest to President Edgar Lungu’s poor leadership which is briddled with unprecedented corruption, hatred, and tribalism, Zambians living in New York boycotted the meeting that was organized for him by the Zambian mission. It took hours before Lungu was ushered into the meeting room because there were only desks and benches and a no show from the Zambians in diaspora.

The majority of people who later attended the meeting was his delegation from Zambia. Others were embassy stuff, their spouces and chidren to make up numbers when it became evident that Zambians in New York had shunned the meeting. A handful of individuals working for the United Nations and a few Zambian residents in New York who wanted to confront Lungu for his leadership eneptiness were also in attendance.

Drama ensued when one of the Zambian residents from Brookly in New York named Chimumbwa interrupted the disappointed Lungu on his way out and asked him why he couldn’t emulate some great leaders such as Kagame and Magafuli of Rwanda and Tanzania, respectively.

Lungu tumbled but Chimumbwa continued to raise many concerns of Zambians such us corrption, immigration, debt, chinese dominance and infrastructure development. The embassy stuff looked on hopelessly while no one from his delegation had a clue to help their humble leader.

The back and forth went on and Lungu kept murmering until he was finally rescued from the microphone. A source from the embassy reviewed that Lungu was so disappointed and felt so embarrassed, and that he was not likely to address the Zambians in America in the near future.

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