Maize Production Is Likely To Be Higher Than Last Year’s ~ Policy Analyst

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by Mwamba Peni

A preliminary crop forecast so far conducted indicates that this year’s maize production is likely to be slightly higher than last year’s.

Whereas there are floods and droughts in certain parts of the country, some areas have received favourable rainfall so far.

In as much as the implementation of FISP in certain areas was dismal, it was probably done in some areas.

Production levels in Southern Province is expected to drop by 60 percent. Eastern province will also experience a drop in production but Central, Copperbelt and the North (which is leading) will perform fairly well.

Mealie meal prices are expected to be stable as we have a back up from last year’s production.

Despite government lifting the ban on maize and mealie meal exports, we do not expect much of the stock to be exported due to logistical challenges.

FRA can only load less than six trucks a day regardless of where the storage is.

Therefore, there will be enough stock left at the end of the day.

For this year, let’s plan early and ensure that all recipients have their fair share of the FISP programme.

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