Malema condemns Xenophobia: I am ashamed to call myself South African | Malawi 24

Malema condemns Xenophobia: I am ashamed to call myself South African | Malawi 24

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Xenophobia 2.0: Julius Malema has condemned xenophobic attacks against black immigrants in South Africa.

Xenophobic South Africans, mostly in Durban, have been attacking and displacing black immigrants, mostly from Malawi, Nigeria, Somalia and Zimbabwe, away from their homes.  As a result of the attacks, pregnant women and babies have been forced to sleep in the open by the attackers.

The victims are mostly blaming politicians from the ruling ANC who are playing the Trump Card to drum up support as the country prepares for general elections in May. Government officials are reportedly using immigrants as a scapegoat for South Africa’s socioeconomic upheavals, thereby fueling up the xenophobic attacks just like Donald Trump had done during his US presidential bid.

Malema: I am ashamed

“This sends South Africans a message that we are not welcome. And the only way they can communicate that is by attacking us,” said a man who asked not to be named over fears he could be targeted.

Speaking at the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party’s Western Cape manifesto launch in Cape Town on Saturday, Julius Malema condemned the attacks saying xenophobia is a manifestation of self-hate instilled in black people by white colonialists. The EFF leader said the attacks made him feel ashamed to call himself as South African.

“Don’t glorify these borders… These borders were never here. These boarders were imposed on us by white people who wanted to divide Africa and do what they wanted to do with this continent of Africa.

“I am ashamed today to call myself a South African… You are beating blacks, you are slaughtering Africans. I have never seen you doing that to a white person who doesn’t have papers. Because you hate yourself, because white people taught you to hate yourself, you kill other Africans. Stop that nonsense. It ends today, We must unite as Africans”.

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