Meet super girl Kerubo, contractor behind the miraculous work in Gusii stadium

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By Kepha Atemba Nyakundi

Kerubo Momanyi she is.
Meet the super girl, super contractor behind the miraculous work in Gusii stadium.
Boys and girls, gentlemen and ladies, today allow me to celebrate this sister of mine here.

I come from a tribe that is well known not to celebrate her own but you all know I am different, why I decided to put this up.

Lest you all forget, but it is well documented that i was the most vocal critic on the pace at which Gusii stadium was being built, but no one has ever thanked me for pressing the governor to the corner till he conceded to re-procure the project and change the contractor. I will never mind, what is important is that we now have the best stadium that we can all be proud of.

Straight to the point, when a young lady barely past her late 20s won the contract to redo Gusii stadium on less than three months to the international standards, we all took it as joke gone too far. I could only not criticize everything about the whole project just because I knew her, anyway we are all biased. But deep inside, i saw it as a mission impossible by all means.

Anyway whoever said that whatever a man can do a lady can do it better was right (only that it could have been wise to say “some ladies can do” because not all can, other ladies were created to be flower girls to men with money. But not this sister of mine in Shabana).

So, Gusii stadium was closed, the bee queen led her busy bees on a mission impossible. Sleepless nights, pains, sweat, pressure to beat the dead line, baptized on fire of bloggers, but less than three months the gates are opened and a super international stadium smiles on us. The stadium which I can bet has the best pitch in the region with soft soil and well textured grass instead of injury threatening plastic carpet, flood lights and beautiful stands with a good capacity opposite an executive pavilion.

Whenever we praise Gusii stadium it is decent that we recognize and appreciate this young lady who spent sleepless nights to give us this latest pride in the region.

Elsewhere Kerubo is one of those people who are spending there resources and time to ensure that our very own Shabana FC is back the level it was.

Her love of sports and football in particular as well as her efforts to uplift the boy child in sports makes me liken and call her the Gusii Kolinda Grabar-Kiterovic(a version of Croatian president)

Down to earth and proudly a Kisii just as her names suggests, she has never subscribed to cheap feminism as her efforts to uplift the boys in sports can be witnessed.

Going through her Facebook Wall you will also note that she has an outstanding sense of humor, as you meet hilarious posts from her mostly in praise of her favorite Shabana FC, Arsenal FC, Gor Mahia and anything Kisii to the legendary Gusii musician Christopher Monyoncho whom she hails.

Let no one take her credit elsewhere.
Gusii stadium is well done.
Thank you Kerubo.

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