Mpinganjira accuses Chakwera of behaving like a ‘warlord’

Mpinganjira accuses Chakwera of behaving like a ‘warlord’

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Malawi’s veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira has labelled Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera as a “warlord” who is fuelling  post-election political violence, saying as a former Christian pastor he should find comfort in Jesus Christ.

Mpinganjira: Chakwera is behaving like a warlord from Somalia

Mpinganjira, an executive member of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) made the statement in an exclusive interview aired on Times TV.

While branding Times TV as pro-MCP, Mpinganjira accused Chakwera who has rejected the outcome of last month’s election of behaving like  a “warlord from Somalia”.

Mpinganjira pointed out that Chakwera has openly called for violence and a blood bath to plunge the country into chaos.

He said a good leader cannot perpetrate war and violence in a country.

Mpinganjira said Chakwera is inciting his pafrt supporters to do “cleasing”, accusing the opposition of chasing people from southern region from its stronghold in the central region..

“This proves what we have been saying that MCP has no changed. It is still brutal as a party of death and darknes as what late Chakufwa Chihana (pro-democracy hero) said.,” said Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira, a self-styled evangelist who is also board chairperson of National Roads Authority, said Chakwera should turn to God to find peace to accept defeat graciously.

He said in every election there can only be one winner and losers.

“MCP will not change; since 1994, each and every election it claims that its votes were stolen,” said Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira hailed President Peter Mutharika for being patient and humble amidst provocation in the thick of the post-election events.

President Mutharika has also accused Chakwera of  wanting to “overthrow the government by force”.

He said the real objective MCP protests  is  for Chakwera “to overthrow the government by violence and force.”

But Chakwera, who has since vowed to continue fighting for ‘justice’ in court, said he does not remember calling for political violence in any of his post-elections press briefings, but that he vowed to die for justice, if need be.

He said MCP supporters  have the constitutional right to demonstrate whenever they feel aggrieved.

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