NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo says President Edgar Lungu should not forget that the land gift he received from Swaziland without declaring it has been put on record and that he is not going to be in power forever

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Chipimo said despite fake statements from government trying to justify the illegal land gift, there can never be any mistake about the particular subject.

“There can never be any mistake about this particular issue, no matter what excuses the chief government spokesperson or any people speaking on behalf of the President, you will see that the story will keep on shifting because when a story is not straight, eventually the truth will come out,” Chipimo said.

He said if God willing and the PF gets elected out of office in 2021, they are going to be out of power by 2021, the part in question will be investigated over this issue.

Chipimo said State House Press Aide Amos Chanda should stop defending the issue but rather think of a way he is going to refuse the land to be processed for him saying that the consequences will be high.

“And all these records are there and there will be liability and capability. So Amos, rather than defending, it’s probably best just to keep quiet and start thinking of a way, if he hasn’t received this land to simply say please don’t process it because I am likely to be prosecuted after 2021,” said Chipimo.

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