Nasty: IG Model Amour Jayda Blasted For Selling Already Worn, Crusty Coochie Outfit

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We told you before, beware of where you’re spending your dollars online BOSSIP fam! Some of these online business are janky or downright nasty.

A woman on IG is sharing her alleged experience after purchasing a matching set from IG famous “‘Amour Jayda” and Jayda Ayanna. Amour Jayda is popular around Atlanta and dates rapper Lil Baby. In the post, he claims that Jayda sold her an already worn outfit, and she could tell because the crotch area was FILTHY with white crust.

She wrote:

Ok so I wasn’t gone do this but I feel some type of way. I ordered this 2 piece ruffle set from @amourjayda on Sunday July 22,2018 .( which irdk why I brought it was just cute to me ) I received my package yesterday July 25,2018 & when I got to that package I looked at how it was made ( b/c I was confused) and when I saw the undies part I looked inside and was not pleased at all.
If your going to sale something at least make sure it’s clean . Like this shit is not cool !!! I messaged both of her pages an still haven’t got any response . Like lesson learned I will not order from anything other than regular websites like I been doing. Try something diff then boom.


We can’t confirm or deny of this horror story is true, but YUCK. Amour Jayda has yet to respond to the woman’s claims. She is still’ however in business. More after the flip.

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