‘Painted’ Perfection: Watch Lucky Daye Get Caught By ‘Karma’ [Official Video]

‘Painted’ Perfection: Watch Lucky Daye Get Caught By ‘Karma’ [Official Video]

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Source: Dorothy Hong / HBO

Lucky Daye Gets Accused Of Creeping In “Karma” Music Video

In “Karma” Lucky Daye isn’t having the best of luck. The NOLA crooner is starring in a beautifully shot new video for the latest single from his Painted album. In it, Lucky has the worst day ever as his girlfriend Karma seemingly catches his creeping MULTIPLE times with multiple women.

As the Dernst “D-Mile” Emile produced/ Ginuwine “Pony” sampling song plays in the background Lucky finds himself in compromising situations while Karma (who keeps coming around) looks on in horror.

Poor Lucky.

In case you haven’t already heard it, the soulful song features lyrics like;

“I got me a new girl
Call herself Karma
Told her “If I ever got the chance to
I’d come and meet her mama”
The curves on her body
Got me burin’ through rubbers
So good, we go zero to sixty
I leave and she miss me
Now she wanna kiss me (Woah)”

Watch Lucky fumble through boomerang love with “Karma” below.


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