Personal finance: Portfolio issues to tackle as markets march higher; 10 funds that you can invest in now

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The strong run of the capital market continued during the week the BSE Sensex once again going past the 38,000 mark once again on Friday before slipping slightly below that level at close.

Going by the trend, markets could be headed to higher levels in the coming days. However, these elevated levels do have risks associated with them with stock valuations high. Any negative news flow could dampen sentiments and pull down the market. These could include development such as the Turkish crisis which impacted currencies worldwide, including the Indian Rupee.

The natural question to ask at this point is what should one do with their portfolio? Should you exit stocks and move to debt? Should you ride with the momentum and put in fresh money?

Reviewing one’s portfolio should be a periodic exercise and a look can be given at this point. If you are sitting with your financial advisor who guides you is handling your portfolio, you need to be armed with the knowledge to ask some specific questions about your portfolio. Here are some of the points that you must ask your advisor to get clarity on your future moves.

If you have chosen the mutual fund route to take advantage of the rising stock market, you will still be worried about where it is headed and what should be your fund investment strategy at this point.

Investment advisors feel that this is time for caution and that mutual fund investors should veer more towards funds with exposure towards large-caps or that are multi-cap funds and avoid riskier small-cap funds. In our story, we tell you in greater details what you investment strategy should be and some of the good funds you can pick at this point for gains over a 5 year plus period.

While the stock market was on a roll, the Rupee crossed the 70-mark to the dollar this week. A weakening rupee has great impact not only on companies but also on your personal finances, especially if you are exposed to foreign transactions such a paying for your child’s education overseas or are travelling abroad. Here’s how a weakening dollar-rupee impacts your finances.

While the tax return filing season has been extended by the government, paying tax is a year round exercise. One of the common ways with which the government gets its revenues is payment of ‘advance tax’ by taxpayers. Salaried individuals, whose tax has been deducted at source, often wonder whether they are liable to pay advance tax and if so, what could be the implications of not paying it. Here are the things that you should know about who needs to file advance tax and how.

Are you on the verge of retirement and a likely to get a pension from your employers? Did you know that your pension amount could be subject to tax if the inflow puts you in the taxable bracket? Your income after retirement will then get reduced to the extent of tax incidence. Therefore, it is important to understand how you can reduce these tax burden after retirement and get the desired monthly take home for which you have planned earlier. Read to know a few tips on how to save tax on your pension income by smart investing.

One of the items that could be a drain on your money are bank charges that are on the rise. A bit of knowledge and caution could help you save that small amount that could mean a lot in the long term. Here are six ways to avoid paying high service charges levied by your bank.

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