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PF member Fidelis Solomon Ngoma says current defections to the ruling party do not indicate its growth or popularity but “these are survival defections”.

Ngoma said the real defections would start after November 2020.

“And we must make sure that the new voters for 2021 are on our side, otherwise we can be shown serious surprises. Our leaders should not adopt the MMD style of not listening to people who speak to the real grassroots structures,” he said in a posting on one of the PF’s many party WhatsAPP platforms. “[The recent] Lusaka Mayoral elections had nothing to do with Miles Sampa but that was a serious signal from our own members who said ‘let those who eat with them go and vote, us will be drinking’.”

He said even in intra-party elections, those that had lost were now re-considering their future.

“Even the PF MPs in Parliament, majority of them are complaining of being forgotten. All these issues need to be addressed for the benefit of our people who mandated us to run the affairs of this great nation,” Ngoma said. “Remember that we are now using 50+1 [threshold], look at the voter turnout in our strongholds! Very poor. Even in 2016, our voter turnout was not good and up to now, the Central Committee hasn’t even sat down to discuss this issue and find lasting solutions.”

He said people were using social media to reach to “our President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, MCCs and ministers because the people given the mandate to run affairs of the party have been compromised and they can no longer provide leadership”.

“…but they have brought serious divisions in Lusaka Province and Copperbelt Province, Muchinga has its own serious issues and this [sic] [are] our strongholds. I have been warning that people are in different camps without knowing why these ministers are funding the other group and what’s their agenda and is the President aware of such activities going on in the party of [sic] he is aware, when will he take action in order to save the party and legacy of that gallant son of the soil, the Late Micheal C. Sata?” asked Ngoma “Why has secretary general [Davies Mwila] not come out to distance himself from those people claiming to have full support from the SG…Now my question is very simple, why has the party SG come up with candidates instead of the grassroots to elect leaders of their choice freely without fear or favour? What’s going on and what’s the agenda behind the support? Why are candidates printing T-shirts of just intra-party elections? Why can’t they use the same money to help the rural people to start tu ma little businesses to help them feed their families? These questions I have asked require serious answers and explanation.”

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