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PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the decision by the Constitution Court to declare President Edgar Lungu as eligible to contest in 2021 has given a true meaning to the Constitution of Zambia.

In a statement, Mwila said it is good that the decision comes at a time when self-proclaimed “defenders” of the law have over the last few months advanced an erroneous understanding that the Constitutional Court can only be impartial if it ruled against petitioners who argued in favour of President Lungu.

He said President Lungu and the Party have always been ready to honour the outcome of this case, irrespective of the direction it would have gone.

“This is the same Court that ruled against former Ministers and also recently ruled against our member on the matter of eligibility for councilors to contest mayoral elections. We respected the decisions that went against us despite having disagreed with the court,” Mwila said.

Mwila also applauded all reasonable voices that agreed or disagreed on the position of the current law.

Meanwhile, Mwila said PF remains resolved in President Lungu’s sole candidature for the Party Presidency in the 2020 General Convention and 2021 Presidential Elections.

“Unfortunately for the Opposition, they will have to contend with someone whose popularity they dread to encounter on the ballot paper in 2021. We consequently exhort our colleagues in the opposition not to get jittery with the landmark decision of the Court. They must instead prepare for a free, fair and democratic election in 2021,” advised Mwila



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