Racist halloween decoration start controversy in Illinois neighborhood

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Lynching “Halloween Decoration” Sparks Controversy In Illinois Neighborhood

Why must we go through this every single year? Each Halloween, white folks all across America feel like it’s their opportunity to show just how racist and hateful they are.

According to NWITimes, a young girl was on the phone with her mother, Toya Griffin, while walking along her route to school when she came across an effigy of a Black man being hanged in someone’s front yard. Her mother implored her to take a photo in case the owners targeted their home in the future.

“She was like, ‘No, no, they’re going to see me taking a picture of this.’ She’s like, ‘I got to walk to school every day,’” Griffin said.

Eventually she did take a photo and sent it to her mother who contacted the police.

“The hands were tied behind the back. The feet were tied around the ankles,” Griffin said. “It’s the same manner as a lynching.”

A police spokesman said that the after speaking to the homeowners, the lynched “decoration” was said to have had a “Jason” mask on initially, but the masked was “stolen” so the character was only a black-faced body resembling a Black man.

Momma Griffin also had an issue with the officer who responded because he didn’t see the problem with the hanged “Jason”, to that she responded:

“OK, what does Halloween have to do with lynching?” she said. “This is not a scarecrow. This is not a witch.”

Checkmate, bacon boy. What DOES Halloween have to do with lynching? We’ll wait…

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