Remainers are ‘bad losers’ says furious Swedish Brexiteer - 'we wouldn't ask for new vote' | UK | News

Remainers are ‘bad losers’ says furious Swedish Brexiteer – ‘we wouldn’t ask for new vote’ | UK | News

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The Swedish Brexiteer hopes the UK will leave with a no deal Brexit influencing other countries in Europe to do the same. Her comments come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31 despite Remain MPs passing a law forcing him to request a three-month extension of Article 50. Mr Johnson has said he will not be asking to delay Brexit again saying he would rather “die in a ditch”.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine, Sarah said: “We’ve already done the vote once and if we do the vote again, we’ll be Remain and then all the Leavers will want to do another vote.

“In my sense if we had lost the first one and it would have been Remain, we would have just given up and said ‘alright, we’re not leaving’.

“But now Remain are bad losers and they are refusing to accept what the vote was.”

Host Mr Vine interjected asking Sarah where she was from.

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After she said she was from Sweden he hit out at Swedes being traditionally “uppity” on the EU, he said.

Sarah continued: “I personally hope that Sweden will leave the EU. If the UK leaves with a no deal I think we might get a few years which are a bit rough but we will prosper.

“I hope that will make other countries leave around the EU.

“If there must be a referendum it should be with a no deal or to leave with Theresa May’s very bad deal.”

“Look, it’s a work in progress. Let me put it like that.

“I think the blunt truth is that the majority of the Labour party is in favour of staying but there are two separate things here.

“I hope the Labour Party eventually gets to this position and to be fair to the leadership in these last weeks they have cooperated with people across party lines in order to block an election which I think would be a mistake.”

His comments come as Labour MPs have faced harsh criticism for their stance on Brexit.

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