Roan Electorates Frustrated With Lungu's Poor Message As Luo Booed

Roan Electorates Frustrated With Lungu’s Poor Message As Luo Booed

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Patriotic Front ( PF) President Edgar Lungu was greeted with anti PF slogans in Luanshya Roan Constituency this afternoon when he addressed a number of ferried cadres from outside the area.

Immediately after [he] Edgar touched the podium, indigenous Roan electorates abandoned the flopped rally in different directions while saying ” baisa mukutubepa bakandile, tulepelafye ba NDC nomba” ( they have come to tell us lies, this time around we are voting for NDC candidate)

Our team spoke to some residents who expressed disappointment over the current attacks on Democratic Party ( DP) President Harry Kalaba and NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili by Edgar Lungu. They said it’s not time for character assassination but to deliver according to the promise.

As usual Lungu addressed ferried cadres with his empty pronouncements of job creation and developing Roan Constituency.

Meanwhile, illegal Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo was booed by marketeers in Roan and ended her meeting prematurely while trying to hide in a shell like a tortoise.

Upon realising that Patrotic Front stands zero chance of retaining Roan seat, they have now resorted to playing loud music as early as 03 : 00 hours and give K100s to whoever comes out.

Our advice to Roan people is, grab that tax payers money and make PF taste their own Donchi Kubeba medicine on Thursday 11th April, 2019.

NDC to win with landslide!!

The Fixing Team.

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