Robert Camou arrest after rapping about killing girlfriend at karaoke

Robert Camou arrest after rapping about killing girlfriend at karaoke

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Robert Camou Arrested After Rapping About Girlfriend’s Murder

This is the type of thing that we expect from dumba$$ rappers, but we suppose that murderous idiocy knows no bounds.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Robert Camou went to King Eddy Saloon for karaoke night this past Monday and spit hot bars of fire about how he killed and buried his girlfriend Amanda Custer. Eminem would’ve loved it. The LAPD, however, did not.

A man named Michael Moore (not that one) recorded the “performance” and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Moore says hours later he saw Camou being arrested on television.

On April 22, Camou was accused of battering his girlfriend, including strangling her and threatening her with a Taser, according to Deputy District Attorney Melanie Drew.

He was previously charged with one felony count each of first-degree burglary, injuring a girlfriend, and assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury. The charges also include one misdemeanor count of battery.

While out on bail for that attack, Camou allegedly killed 31-year-old Custer, on or about July 29, the prosecutor added.

What a moron. He must have WANTED to get caught.

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