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Chris Bowen:

We want to see sick people dealt with appropriately and getting the best in care and attention possible. We’ve also said that we want a ministerial discretion to be the final arbiter on this – hence we have supported the bill in the Senate.

I don’t think … as I said, I haven’t seen the AMA statement, but I doubt they’re criticising us for that. I think that they would be supportive of that. And the leader of the opposition is getting briefings today and if there’s further discussions to be had with other crossbench colleagues across the parliament in terms of ensuring the two objectives are met, then he’ll have those.

But our position has been consistent. The government’s gone to the lengths of leaking out classified documents or briefings to try politicise it. And that’s OK. We’ll vote for the right policy balance which will be done in the Senate and if there’s further discussions to be had, the leader of the opposition will have them.

… Well, the Coalition – well, it’s fear. That’s it. They’ve got one shot there – scare and fear. Now, we know that.

We know that’s what they’ll say, and you’re right, it is what they’ll say. And Bill Shorten has made it very clear – a Shorten Labor government will not see the people smuggling trade restarted. We will not.

That means that we will have to make some decisions, that some people, including Labor voters, don’t agree with, like we’ve done on turning back the boats.

We’ll stick with the policies and we recognise that they’re controversial in some parts, but we think that they’re … an appropriate approach to border protection, but we’ll also act humanely.

As Anthony Albanese said this morning, it’s not always a choice on that. You can have strong policies on the border but you can act with decency. That’s what we’ve been doing with the medivac bill.

Peter Dutton can hold all of the press conferences he likes and we can see all of the leaking of classified information. Unprecedented to see classified information like that leaked on the front page of the newspaper. We’ll just make the case of good policy and we’ll let the people decide.

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