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Share your Story or news with Gossipier today! Sharing your story is a great way to tell others about what you are experiencing in your area. Do you have that story, news, gossip or issue to share? Share your story now!  Your post should be on breaking news, politics, business, sport/ football/ transfer news, celebrities, lifestyle, relationships, jokes or a matter affecting you.

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About Share your Story

Share your story is a welcome for you to be a piece of Gossipier’s scope of the stories you care about and a chance to be a piece of a worldwide network of people who are as obsessive about the news as you are. Your story must conform to the following:

  • Content that doesn’t infringe someone’s copyright.
  • Content is true.
  • Your story or content should not be pornographic/sexually explicit.
  • You story should not be spam, or repeated uploads that flood the site with duplicate versions of the same or similar content.
  • Obscene content is not acceptable.
  • Content that advocates violent behavior is not acceptable.
  • Content that contains violent images of killing or physical abuse that appear to have been captured solely, or principally, for exploitive, prurient or gratuitous purposes will be pulled down.
  • Content that advocates dangerous, illegal or predatory acts or poses a reasonable threat to personal or public safety will not be accepted
  • Hate Speech/Racially or ethnically offensive content will be pulled down.

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