TASS: Science & Space – S7 Space granted license for creation and modernization of carrier rockets

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MOSCOW, December 6. /TASS/. Russian company S7 Space has obtained a license for implementation of space activity when it comes to the creation and modernization of carrier rockets and other launch vehicles, and their components, S7 Space said in a statement on Thursday.

“The company is currently developing a commercial launch vehicle with reusable elements. This job is being carried out by a team of engineers led by Deputy General Director Igor Radugin (joined the company after quitting Energia Space Rocket Corporation – TASS),” reads the statement.

There were earlier reports that S7 Space was developing its own reusable rocket based on the conceptual design of the Soyuz-5 carrier, which is being developed by Energia Space Rocket Corporation. The company has dubbed the new rocket Soyuz-7 and Soyuz-7SL (Sea Launch).

Sea Launch

The Sea Launch is a compound comprising the sea and space rocket components, and also the ground infrastructure. The sea component includes the Odyssey floating launch platform and the assembly-command ship used for assembling rockets and exercising control of pre-launch operations. The vessels are based in the state of California, the US.

The launches are carried out from the equatorial Pacific near Christmas Island.

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