Thieves should resign from our party if they are not for the graft war, Murathe tells Ruto allies

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Former Jubilee party interim vice-chairperson David Murathe has told a section of Dp Ruto’s allies to stop abusing president Uhuru and resign and quit Jubilee.

Murathe who posted the message on his Facebook page noted that Mr.Ruto’s lieutenants are responsible for the alleged loss of funds meant for construction of Arror and Kimwarer dams in Elgeyo Marakwet county.

Mr.Ruto’s fierce critic argued that the leaders should stop maligning and intimidating the president and instead leave the party.

“Those thieves who stole the money that was meant for dam construction should desist from insulting and calling our President names. If you want to quit the Jubilee party, you should do it immediately. We have no space to accommodate thieves,” Murathe observed.

He allayed fears of the party getting divided without the deputy president’s supporters, adding that it will even remain stronger and determined to achieve its vision.

He further said, “Leave our party peacefully and quietly without pouring insults to the Head Of State. Jubilee will still be intact and in fact more united and focused.”

The post made Murathe’s Facebook friends and the public wonder whether the earlier allegation saying, he had resigned from the party was true.

However, in the comments section, Murathe affirmed that he was still in the party.

“I’m in Jubilee party to stay. Those exiting should do so without hesitating,” Murathe commented in response to enquiries from his friends.
It remains to be seen whether the party will confirm or deny his resignation.

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