Trevor Noah was Jay-Z's bodyguard for one night [video]

Trevor Noah was Jay-Z’s bodyguard for one night [video]

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SA’s Trevor Noah recently went to the NAACP Awards as a nominee and left as Jay-Z’s bodyguard.

During one of The Daily Show host’s between-the-scenes segments he talked about the award show and the time he spent protecting Jay-Z when his bodyguards could not get to the performer.

After Beyoncé won entertainer of the year at the end of the award show, she went backstage while Jay-Z stayed in the audience, sitting in front of Trevor.

“Jay-Z’s security, I guess, did not realize that the show was going to end as abruptly as it did,” he explained. “His bodyguards were at the edge of the theatre and were in the middle of the theatre.”

Due too the number of people leaving the theatre, Jay-Z’s bodyguards could not get to him. And that’s when Trevor stepped up:

While everybody rushed to get to Jay-Z after the show, Trevor stepped up and grabbed the back of Jay-Z’s jacket and pushed him through the crowd.

“I just went ‘we’ve got to move people, we’ve got to move people’…’no selfies people…’”.

Watch: Trevor Noah describe the day he almost became Jay-Z’s bodyguard

In another clip, Trevor explained why he thought Michael Jackson spoke Tswana. The Daily Show host explained that he and other South Africans thought Michael Jackson sang a part of his popular song “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” in Tswana.

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“No one could actually hear what Michael Jackson was saying,” Trevor says in the clip. “You didn’t hear it, you just sang along.”

“We thought…because everyone just sort of figured it out…that he was singing in like Tswana…which is a South African language.”

Watch: Did Michael Jackson speak Tswana in his song, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”?

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