Uhuru to set up powerful Politburo with Raila as joint chairperson, DP Ruto to be excluded

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By Sos O

It’s time to expand the presidency by the establishment of a powerful presidential advisory council “politburo” whose consultative decisions become the non binding policy position for Uhuru for forward adoption by cabinet. Chaired by Raila, membership would comprise key eminent leaders like Gideon(Deputy), Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Joho, or a woman nominee from Coast with Matiang’i as Secretary.

Raila & Uhuru would be joint overseers of the council, which would operate within the confines of an expanded presidency.

Such a council, it would pave way for the reorganization of parliamentary leadership, and would allow Uhuru to proceed as if Ruto doesn’t exist, but given space to make noise as much as he wants. This doesn’t require constitutional amendment or an act of parliament, as the president has constitutional Liberty to appoint anybody as an advisor anybody, entity or whomever he so whimsically pleases.

Once a new parliamentary leadership is constituted that excludes Dualle,mm Uhuru would then proceed to reorganize his cabinet, to reflect the political reality that would ensue. This arrangement, ladies and gentlemen would be a viable stopgap measure which would serve to fast track the consultative processes and guarantee peace, stability & national unity as constitutional amendments are being carried out.

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