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Note: The live stream will appear here, provided the wind plays along and doesn’t force the cancellation.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is the biggest road cycling event on the South African calendar. 

The 42nd edition of the biggest timed bicycle race in the world will begin at 6:00 with the women’s elite riders setting off first. The men’s elite riders will follow at 6:15. The final group will depart at 9:44.

Watch live: 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour

About the Cape Town Cycle Tour

It is now one of the world’s leading cycle events, but when Bill Mylrea, John Stegmann and Louis de Waal first proposed the Argus Tour, it was meant to be a protest ride to ‘encourage’ the city council to think about bicycles as part of its urban planning, and look after cyclists on the (by 1978 standards) busy roads.

As such, the event failed spectacularly for decades, but what a wonderful deviation from those goals it has become. The irony is that cycling has become so big in South Africa, thanks to the Cape Town Cycle Tour, that those dreamy objectives are now being realised across the city in the form of bike lanes, and cycle safety projects within and beyond the city limits.

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